Household Automation

Full View recognizes this emerging market is unique, it has specific requirements, evolving products and requires professional handling of the customer's home and personal space.

What Benefits Does Home Automation Provide?

Everything in one place

The straightforward connection between all of the technology in your home is a huge leap for technology and home management.

Maximize Home Security

Integrating security and surveillance features into a smart home network will enhance your home's security.


Home Automation's capability to effortlessly accommodate new appliances and technology is one of its strong points. You will always be able to incorporate the newest technology.

Energy Efficiency

You can make your space more energy efficient by installing a programmable thermostat that learns your daily routine and preferences, then suggests the energy-conserving modifications.

FullView offers comprehensive household automation services to make your home smarter, safer, and more convenient. Our team of experts will work with you to design and install a customized automation system that meets your specific needs and budget requirements.

With FullView’s household automation services, you can control your lights, temperature, and appliances from anywhere, at any time. Our automation systems use cutting-edge technologies, such as voice control, smartphone integration, and advanced sensors, to provide you with a seamless and user-friendly experience.



Our household automation systems are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills and helping you to be more environmentally friendly. They also provide added security, with features such as motion detection and real-time monitoring, ensuring that your home is protected, even when you’re away.

At FullView, we understand the importance of privacy and security. Our encrypted connections and secure servers ensure that your household automation systems are protected from unauthorized access.

For a smarter, safer, and more convenient home, trust FullView. Contact us today to learn more about our household automation services and how we can help enhance your living experience.

Loxone Miniserver and Miniserver GO

Loxone Miniserver and
Miniserver GO​

The Loxone Miniserver is the main brain of a Loxone system acting as a central point of control for your home & building automation.
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